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About Emma

I have been a pastry chef since 2019, after working in e-commerce and the voluntary sector for many years.

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Rediscover the subtlety of flavors and textures

I love baking, but when it's not too sweet! And then, without refined flour, and not too much butter either… Wait, but is it possible to make pastry without these ingredients?!


Yes it's possible ! And it's even delicious, we call it “rational” or even “healthy” pastry.


It is this approach that I have chosen to experiment with (I am at the very beginning of this initiatory culinary journey) then to pass on to my students once the recipes have been tested and approved.

new reflexes
in pastry 

However, healthier baking cannot be improvised and requires a lot of experimentation to understand the role of each ingredient and find alternatives while preserving the desired taste and textures. 

This is why you will find more traditional pastry recipes on this site and in my current workshops. They are the starting point of my research to make them gradually more digestible and less rich in sugar and refined flour. 

This healthier approach offers endless possibilities that I can't wait to share with you! 

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